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Myrtle Beach Fishing or Murrells Inlet Fishing? Don't freak out! They are basically one and the same. If you  are looking to fish off a pier or off the shore there is good fishing in Myrtle Beach. If you are wanting to take a boat in the inlets or offshore you must go to Murrells Inlet or Little River. 

Murrells Inlet is a fisherman's paradise. Miles and miles of inlets, creeks and jetties make for an excellent chance to catch a number of different fish. If you bring your own boat, the public dock is located in the heart of the inlet. It is only a five minute ride to the ocean or you will be fishing in the creek immediately. There is ample parking for your car and trailer across the street. There is a gas pump located at Captain Dicks adjacent to the landing.   

The Best time to fish in Murrells Inlet is two hours before and after High tide. I recommend this for a number of reasons. Fish tend to be more active at these times and if you are not familiar with the inlet you have a better chance of not getting grounded in low water.

There are a number of fish species that you can fish for. If you are new to inlet fishing I suggest you use a simple Carolina rig. It will work well for flounder and Spot tail Bass but will also work nicely for trout and drum.  If you can throw a cast net, bait of choice would be finger mullet or shrimp. If you want to buy your bait you can stop at Inlet Convenience Fishing and get mud minnows or live shrimp. Fish the banks and the mouths of the creeks. The north side of the North Jetty is an excellent place to fish for Sport Tail Bass.

 If you don't have a boat and would like to hire a guide or if you have a boat but need to learn more about saltwater inlet fishing, please give me a call. My family has been running boats out of Murrells Inlet for over 30 years. I grew up on the creek and know the inlet as well as anyone. I love teaching children to fish so bring the whole family. My direct line is 843-333-4492. You can go to the main page of my website at: Www.wallaceleesfishingguides.com. or email us at wallaceleesfishingguides@gmail.com

Murrells Inlet fishing is a must do when you travel to the Grand Strand Area. Come visit today and call me if you need a guide.


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